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My pace May 20, 2010

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Today I figured out how fast I run- as fast as a Barbie Jeep in high gear 🙂  I took a walk with the bottom 2 today.  Cord was driving the Barbie Jeep and Lucy was riding in the double stroller.  Cord put that Jeep in high gear and took off down the sidewalk.  At first I thought we would walk behind him and make sure he was safe.  Then the space between us became larger and larger, so I decided to take a run with the bottom 2 🙂

Turns out, the pace was just about right.  We must have been a sight~ at one point, Lucy wanted to ride with Cord in the Jeep, so I am running behind them pushing an EMPTY double stroller! How silly.


One Response to “My pace”

  1. Dot Says:

    So fun you were outside and it wasn’t raining.

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