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graduation May 25, 2010

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Emma had a wonderful day today.  She had her last day of kindergarten and had her graduation ceremony.  We celebrated by having a dinner party.  Emma had a blast picking out all her table decorations. And I thought she did a great job!


We ate Chinese food and yummy petit fours.  Then we got ready~ Emma put on her precious cap and gown and we headed to school.


The two kindergarten classes marched in and they sang for us. They recited Psalm 23, Psalm 150, Psalm 100 and Romans 15:5-6  .  The children then sat down and went up one by one for his or her diploma. 


They did a great job and it was such a sweet reminder of how valuable the year has been for Emma.  She has been hiding God’s word in her heart and we are so thankful for the maturing that we are seeing in her life. 

  The reception that followed included two amazing cakes made by Renee.  Amazing! I must tell you that I watched Lucy a lot to make sure she didn’t mess up the reception.  I was standing with her in front of this cake.  Somehow, that child grabbed that cute black polka dot right in the middle  (that has the red dot right next to it).  Before they even served it!! Renee was very gracious to us! During the ceremony, my friend sweet Miss Katie (Emma and Olivia’s former Pre K teacher) kept Lucy busy and we were all able to see Emma graduate! Many, many thanks!



One Response to “graduation”

  1. Mary Says:

    How cute. Love the plates, etc. Good job Miss Emma. What an exciting few weeks the Zellners have all had.

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