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Scenes from the show May 25, 2010

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We had a wonderful weekend~ the girls did a great job in their dance recital, and most importantly, really enjoyed it! They are on cloud 9 after dancing.  We took fun backstage pictures with friends:


And we had the BEST cheering section!


Grandparents and cousins and aunts and friends came from far away to cheer them on and it meant the world to them! Heather, my cousin, came and gave each girl a gift box with lotion and a beautiful look at the word GUIDANCE~ How dance is like our relationship with God.  He leads and we follow;  he directs and we move.  Olivia read it out loud on the car ride home and was so impressed by the words.  My awesome sister, somehow, magically had gift bags for the girls with Zhu Zhu pets in them!!  They LOVE them! I wish I had a video of the morning after the recital.  Olivia and Emma  are getting ready for church, playing with the Zhu Zhu pets and the babies are squealing with delight! So fun.

Dot an Cdub drove to Huntsville and back to Nashville for one evening of watching the girls.  We were so very thankful! It was their first time to get to see them, and it was so wonderful to have them there.  Olivia cried when they left that night.  The kids just love getting to spend time with them and we are blessed to live where we do.

There were so many talented dancers that night and it was such an encouragement to see all the girls have learned this year.  My favorite aspect of the girls’ dance company is that it is run by an amazing lady! She is a believer in Jesus and it is evident in all she does and how she leads.  A pastor prayed for the students before the rehearsal and there are always incredible performances to songs that include our great God! Many thanks for a wonderful place to dance!


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