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Lucy turns 2 June 8, 2010

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Our baby turned 2 while we were at the beach.  She has changed so much lately…and looking back at this time last year, I am in amazement at how time passes!  Then…




I love this girl.  She is silly, messy, strong-willed, independent.  She is a risk taker and has a great sense of humor already.  She says,”No No No” when she doesn’t get her way.  She eats all the time- she always picks the messy food such as lasagna, taco meat, spaghetti, bean dips, enchiladas.  If it is plain, like pork chops or grilled chicken, she won’t touch it unless we can convince her to get all messy with ketchup 🙂

She gives great hugs and can say “sorry mommy” with the best of them.  She still carries her ridiculously long blanket, but she sleeps like a champ, so I am not getting rid of anything any time soon! I think our family has passed a mile stone.  No little babies in the house any more.  There seems to be a new season in our life now.   A little more freedom, a few more possibilites than before.


2 Responses to “Lucy turns 2”

  1. Mary Says:

    So this could be your biography. I get so excited just watching your family grow.

  2. Heather Says:

    Wonder where she learned to eat such messy food? Jason’s deli last year with me, my mom and Alaina? hmm….

    great pictures!

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