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Lu lu June 26, 2010

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This little girl has hit 2 and is wearing us out! She is just so busy right now.  If it is silent, there is great trouble going on for sure!  The house is full of happy places to discover and messes to get in to.  She loves to sneak the toothpaste out of the bathroom and eat it~ ewww. She finds markers almost every day and gets to work creating a masterpiece.  She likes to use her food as art and she doesn’t like to wear her diaper during nap anymore. 


A sweet girl in our youth group caught this picture of Lucy in our yard.  It is one of my favorites.  It reminds me that I really love this age.  Even though she can cause a lot of damage, she has a little spark in her that makes me laugh.  She has a very helpful partner in crime…


He is her best buddy and biggest nemesis! We are heading to Nashville for a week of General Assembly, a meeting of our denomination’s elders.  These two will need to have lots of play time outside to get good and worn out so we can make it through the week 🙂


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