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Rings and celebrating July 29, 2010

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The wedding was beautiful- One of my favorite parts was the ring ceremony.  My cousin Brian is now the proud owner of my grandfather’s wedding ring.  My grandfather passed away in March and his presence at weddings is always such a joy and so much fun.  He is the life of the party.  Brian asked my grandmother if he could use my grandfather’s ring and she was so happy to let him- there is 68 years of commitment in that ring already.  Brian has so much to look to for support and encouragement in his marriage- and that ring will be a reminder of faith, hope and love!

Graingers are known for throwing a good party and staying until the end.  And that is just what happened after the ceremony. 


They danced the night away to an AMAZING band! Cord made it to his first reception and LOVED it.  He started breakdancing.  He jumped and jumped and jumped until he couldn’t anymore.

Emma got to slow dance with my dad- on his feet no less.  And Olivia was the last Zellner to leave the party- a first for her.

What a wonderful weekend!


Before the wedding… July 28, 2010

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Saturday was packed-full of fun and memories.  The girl cousins, aunts and my grandmother went to get our nails done.  Olivia and Emma had their toes painted.  Because they were going to wear closed-toe shoes in the wedding, they got to pick whatever they wanted. 


Glittery blue for Olivia and lime green for Emma- both had flowers painted on their big toes!

 We filled up the salon and had so much fun seeing what everyone was having done. 

We went home and had naps! For the past two weddings, Olivia has just been too tired to stay up for the reception.  She wants to be there, but her tiredness wins.  She was proactive this time and slept that afternoon, prepared to shut the party down!

Emma was a flower girl and Olivia handed out programs. 

Brooke looked absolutely stunning.  Her dress was breathtaking.  They took a few photos before the ceremony.


My cousin Brian is a funny guy and he loves to tease my girls. The next two photos completely sum up his relationship with them…

The girls have attributed all the growing sweetness they see in Brian and his brother Brent to their new wives.  Therefore, my girls LOVE Brooke and Holley and talk about them all the time.  Thanks girls 🙂


Brian’s wedding, Day 1 July 26, 2010

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My cousin, Brian, got married this weekend in Jackson, Mississippi to a great girl, Brooke.  Our whole extended family stayed at the Old Capitol Inn~ it was beautiful. And convenient~ which is a plus for everyone.

We started with a bridesmaids cocktail and hors d’oeuvres party.  We had it in the sunroom at the Old Captial Inn and enjoyed getting to visit with all the ladies in our life.  (And the cake bites were delicious too!)

  All the Grainger girls (Brooke is in it now!)

Afterward, we had the rehearsal at the beautiful Catholic church in downtown Jackson.  Brian’s groomsmen all surprised him by wearing hilarious moustaches as they walked down the aisle.  I love Brian’s laugh.

My aunt and uncle hosted a marvelous rehearsal dinner at the Fairview Inn.  Wow! It is a magnificent Southern home and the food was delicious.  My aunt had a slideshow of Brian and Brooke’s growing-up years and then their time as a couple.  It was a precious walk down memory lane.  So many good memories.

Brian is a twin and his brother, Brent, got married last summer.  When we talk about them, we call them “Brent and Brian.”  It just comes out. Well, my favorite part of the night was a touching toast by my uncle Tommy.  He reminded them that “faith, hope, and love” would be the marks of Brooke and Brian’s marriage and then he raised his glass and said,”To Brent and Brian”.  We all LOVED it.   You just can’t help but say “Brent and Brian”. 

My girls were invited and loved getting to go to such a nice dinner.  We learned a lot of new things- like which fork to use, how to sit without our arms on the table, how to pass the rolls around.  Emma said she had to be “very polite” at that party.  My aunt Sallye threw a wonderful event.  It was cozy, elegant, and personal.  Good Job Sallye!


Summer Show-offs July 19, 2010

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While Eric was out of town last week, the girls participated in a camp called Summer Show-offs.  The organization is out of Jackson, Mississippi.  They host a week-long camp in several cities around the South, and this was their first year in Huntsville. 

The purpose of the camp is to develop confidence and character as the students learn songs and choreography- much like show choir.  Each child has a solo at some point and must sing her part in a microphone.  We have friends in Birmingham whose children loved this camp and who learned so much.  So we signed up!


The girls with their counselors.  They loved meeting the older staff and loved getting new Tshirts!

We were blessed to have friends at the camp too.  It made it so much fun to see them all perform on the last day at the show.  Emma’s solo was to introduce the song,”Spoonful of Sugar” and to sing the opening lines to it.

Olivia introduced another song entitled,”I Don’t Want to Go” and she sang the chorus.

Both girls loved the songs they learned and had a great time with their group.  The show was so fun! It was like I was getting to see Auburn’s show choir all over again.  We celebrated afterward with yummy cupcakes from Gigi’s 🙂


in honor of daddy July 15, 2010

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Eric has been gone all week with our youth group to West Virginia.  They are having an awesome time at a leadership camp- whitewater rafting, high and low ropes courses, mud obstacle course, and lake activities.  There are great talks at night and I am sure there are priceless memories being made, as well as much growth in their spiritual lives.

I am always encouraged by his phone calls and I am so thankful for the opportunity that he has to go with them.  But we love that guy and we miss him 🙂 Right before he left, he did a little work on the suburban with the help of the little ones…


We can’t wait for this Saturday when we get to work on it again with daddy 🙂


Michael Jackson lives… July 12, 2010

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Cord has been known to take on new names for a season- He is most often Bob the Builder. For a while, he liked being called Captain.  Eric likes to call him Dexter Coakley.  I have no idea why.

But this is the first time he has started wearing stuff and wanting to keep it on no matter where we go.  He found a white glove of the girls and he has been wearing it- everywhere.  He did yard work in it and it got super dirty.  I had to wash it!  He wanted to nap with it.  He took a bath and then asked to put it back on for bedtime.  Too funny.

I washed it again and then put it away.  He found it this morning. 🙂


Chic-fil-A rocks July 10, 2010

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It’s that time again- free chic-fil-a if you dress like a cow! The kids were so excited.  They started throwing on costumes around 2 in the afternoon 🙂 Emma luckily was a cow for her dance recital, so she was set.  The rest of the kids found black and white clothes and we cut out spots and found tails and ears. 

We met the Kennedys at the mall.  They were A-mazing!!

Jason had made signs for them and they had the cutest ears and painted faces. Well done!

We were a sight! 12 of us storming into the mall.  The other two locations of chic-fil-a on our side of town are always so full, especially on these promotion days, that we thought the mall location would be easiest for our big crowd.

NO ONE was dressed up, but US! The staff looked like no one else had been there ALL DAY- She took a picture of our group.  Too funny.  We saw good friends from church while we were there- they laughed at us all and didn’t stand too close to us 🙂

But there is safety in numbers- and $60 worth of free food, I might add 🙂 Chic-fil-A always does awesome promotions and they honor them so well! The manager came out to meet us all, and then reminded us to go back for our free ice cream. (you can return your kids’ prize for free ice cream!)

Eat mor chikn’