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Familytime-mine update July 3, 2010

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We have been gone all week and I have not been able to update on one of the best examples of customer service that I have ever seen! I was checking my email while we were out of town and one was from yes, the company that makes the amazing planner that I love so much.  The lady from the company thanked me for all the years I had bought planners from them and then said she had read on my blog that I had recently been disappointed by my purchase.  I was so embarassed!

She asked me which one I would like to replace the one that I have and she would send it to me.  I was completely stunned! I quickly replied that I hoped I had not tarnished the company’s name- I thoroughly feel like it is my fault that I picked the wrong one.  My point was that I needed to go in person so that I could see what I was getting.  This email just once again shows how rock-solid this company is.  I asked her if I could return the one I had at Borders and she told me to pass it on to some mom who might need a new one. So….

If you would like to have a brand new Familytime-mine planner (smaller size 🙂 ), leave a comment and I will mail it to you or hand it to you if I see you!  The dates are from Aug 2010 to Dec 2011.  You are going to love it!!


3 Responses to “Familytime-mine update”

  1. Becky Says:

    Jeremy told me this story and I squealed!!! Which new one did you choose?

    Funny how this works – I had written them and told them that I blogged about their calendar and ___ friends had purchased calendars. I asked if they had a referral program. No response. Thing is, my next thought was “Susan should get the referrals, really. She is the one who turned ME on to the calendar!” Yea for you!

    (And look how many people in England read your blog!)

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I’ve never had one, but I hear you guys raving. Maybe I should take a trop to Borders to check it out! It was so good to see you last week, but wish I could have had time to sit with just you 🙂

  3. zellner Says:

    stephanie- if you want to try it in a smaller size, I would love for you to have this one. I kept seeing you from afar after Pam’s visit. I hope it was a good time for you and for Pat. I so appreciated being able to go!
    Let’s all save up for Virginia Beach 2011!

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