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Cancer stinks July 8, 2010

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My step sister, Julie (Kitchings) Shaw, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to her liver.  It has been startling and shocking.  Only three weeks ago, she was living a normal life of a 39 year old mom- going to baseball games for her son, watching her daughter compete in gymnastics, working successfully at her job, and enjoying her friends and family.  After a rough weekend of stomach pains, she went to the doctor and immediately was hospitalized.  She spent 8 days in the hospital where she had surgery to remove part of her colon. 

There were additionally spots on her liver- big spots and little ones- all over.  It is inoperable.  They will begin chemo right away to fight those spots and try to shrink them.

Julie is a fighter- she can wear you out in the exercise room and all the while smile and encourage you.  She is ready to face this huge battle and is kicking off the chemo with a pep rally tonight in Atlanta. I wish I could be there.  Instead, I am going to post this and pray for her.  I am asking you to do the same.  That she may be sustained, encouraged, and able to fight this fight and that her family will be supported and loved while they walk along side of her.  GO JULIE!!!


5 Responses to “Cancer stinks”

  1. Dot Zellner Says:

    Thank you for the update and picture. We are praying. Will help you in any way to free you up to go encourage your mom

  2. Dad Says:

    Marian and I will be praying for Julie also.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I just found a caberet friend on facebook and decided to see if I could find Julie on there too. Instead I found this and am heartsick! Please tell her that Kelly “Thrasher” is praying and will pass her info to Carrie. I will post to fb for prayers if you give me permission. Almost everyone I know from Bama at least knew of Julie. God bless you all!

  4. Jennifer Gray Says:

    Hi there! My name is Jennifer Gray… Julie knew me as Jennifer Story when we danced together in college. I was only on Cabaret for a year and but Julie was captian that year. I haven’t spoken with her since college and am dumbfounded by this news. A friend just contacted me on Facebook today… another girl we danced with… and she sent me this site. I am so sorry to hear of the struggle. If this can be any encourangement at all…. my husband… Mike Gray… Julie may or may not remember… we had JUST started dating when I was on Crimson Cabaret… Anyway, at 22, a picture of health… played baseball at Alabama… was struck with stage 4 testicular cancer as well. I know he had a different kind of cancer… but my point is that kicking cancer can be done… after chemo… surgeries… complete hair loss… he’s cancer FREE today… She is immediately in our prayers… will be on our prayer list at church… we will pray for her ease of pain… and her kicking it completely!!! I’m so sorry for your family going through this…I hope it brings you all closes to each other… closer to God… and gives you one heck of a survivor story to talk about years from now. Jennifer (Story) Gray

  5. Carrie Peterson Says:

    Oh, I hate to hear this news about sweet Julie! We were on the Crimson Cabaret at Bama together. I would love to get her address or email. How is she doing? Please let her know that she’s in my prayers. You’re right, cancer stinks!!!
    Carrie Peterson

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