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Chic-fil-A rocks July 10, 2010

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It’s that time again- free chic-fil-a if you dress like a cow! The kids were so excited.  They started throwing on costumes around 2 in the afternoon 🙂 Emma luckily was a cow for her dance recital, so she was set.  The rest of the kids found black and white clothes and we cut out spots and found tails and ears. 

We met the Kennedys at the mall.  They were A-mazing!!

Jason had made signs for them and they had the cutest ears and painted faces. Well done!

We were a sight! 12 of us storming into the mall.  The other two locations of chic-fil-a on our side of town are always so full, especially on these promotion days, that we thought the mall location would be easiest for our big crowd.

NO ONE was dressed up, but US! The staff looked like no one else had been there ALL DAY- She took a picture of our group.  Too funny.  We saw good friends from church while we were there- they laughed at us all and didn’t stand too close to us 🙂

But there is safety in numbers- and $60 worth of free food, I might add 🙂 Chic-fil-A always does awesome promotions and they honor them so well! The manager came out to meet us all, and then reminded us to go back for our free ice cream. (you can return your kids’ prize for free ice cream!)

Eat mor chikn’


One Response to “Chic-fil-A rocks”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Thanks for the pics-they are great!

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