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Summer Show-offs July 19, 2010

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While Eric was out of town last week, the girls participated in a camp called Summer Show-offs.  The organization is out of Jackson, Mississippi.  They host a week-long camp in several cities around the South, and this was their first year in Huntsville. 

The purpose of the camp is to develop confidence and character as the students learn songs and choreography- much like show choir.  Each child has a solo at some point and must sing her part in a microphone.  We have friends in Birmingham whose children loved this camp and who learned so much.  So we signed up!


The girls with their counselors.  They loved meeting the older staff and loved getting new Tshirts!

We were blessed to have friends at the camp too.  It made it so much fun to see them all perform on the last day at the show.  Emma’s solo was to introduce the song,”Spoonful of Sugar” and to sing the opening lines to it.

Olivia introduced another song entitled,”I Don’t Want to Go” and she sang the chorus.

Both girls loved the songs they learned and had a great time with their group.  The show was so fun! It was like I was getting to see Auburn’s show choir all over again.  We celebrated afterward with yummy cupcakes from Gigi’s 🙂


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