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Before the wedding… July 28, 2010

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Saturday was packed-full of fun and memories.  The girl cousins, aunts and my grandmother went to get our nails done.  Olivia and Emma had their toes painted.  Because they were going to wear closed-toe shoes in the wedding, they got to pick whatever they wanted. 


Glittery blue for Olivia and lime green for Emma- both had flowers painted on their big toes!

 We filled up the salon and had so much fun seeing what everyone was having done. 

We went home and had naps! For the past two weddings, Olivia has just been too tired to stay up for the reception.  She wants to be there, but her tiredness wins.  She was proactive this time and slept that afternoon, prepared to shut the party down!

Emma was a flower girl and Olivia handed out programs. 

Brooke looked absolutely stunning.  Her dress was breathtaking.  They took a few photos before the ceremony.


My cousin Brian is a funny guy and he loves to tease my girls. The next two photos completely sum up his relationship with them…

The girls have attributed all the growing sweetness they see in Brian and his brother Brent to their new wives.  Therefore, my girls LOVE Brooke and Holley and talk about them all the time.  Thanks girls 🙂


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