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Rings and celebrating July 29, 2010

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The wedding was beautiful- One of my favorite parts was the ring ceremony.  My cousin Brian is now the proud owner of my grandfather’s wedding ring.  My grandfather passed away in March and his presence at weddings is always such a joy and so much fun.  He is the life of the party.  Brian asked my grandmother if he could use my grandfather’s ring and she was so happy to let him- there is 68 years of commitment in that ring already.  Brian has so much to look to for support and encouragement in his marriage- and that ring will be a reminder of faith, hope and love!

Graingers are known for throwing a good party and staying until the end.  And that is just what happened after the ceremony. 


They danced the night away to an AMAZING band! Cord made it to his first reception and LOVED it.  He started breakdancing.  He jumped and jumped and jumped until he couldn’t anymore.

Emma got to slow dance with my dad- on his feet no less.  And Olivia was the last Zellner to leave the party- a first for her.

What a wonderful weekend!


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