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next round of freezer meals August 30, 2010

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Tonight my freezer meal friends are coming over and we are dividing up our ingredients list so that we can shop this week.  We cook Saturday morning, so there is a lot to do this week to get ready for it!

We decided to make Beef lasagna casserole, Emily’s chicken pot pie, chicken tortilla soup, chimichangas, shish kabobs, italian beef sandwiches, fajitas, and pizza casserole.  8 meals made two times each- so we should end up with at least 16 meals in the freezer. YUM!


almost two weeks August 28, 2010

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It has been a while since I blogged.  I can tell it was the start of school.  I am learning our new schedules and working hard to remember what I am supposed to be doing every day 🙂
The girls are loving their classes, teachers, and activities- It has been a nice transition this year.

The babies and I are figuring out our day too. I love the routine we have picked up.  The morning is spent at mother’s morning out or biblestudy or having a friend over.  We eat lunch around 11:45 and play or read until nap time.  I am SOOOO thankful that they both still sleep in the afternoon.  A dear friend brings Olivia and Emma home from school so I don’t have to wake the babies up from nap.  I love getting time with the girls as soon as they come in from school.  Then babies begin to get up and we take care of everyone’s needs until dinner 🙂

I’ve used the afternoons to organize, study, read, do the bills, clean, write, talk on the phone with friends or family.  I finished The Reader- checking off one more from the book list.  I put together my lesson plans for Wednesday night junior high youth group. I got my Room Mom stuff organized.  We hosted a party on Friday night and I was able to do the menu planning and food prep for that. 

It really feels like I am living in a different season- a predictable, easier season of life.  No complaints here!

I did get to hold a PRECIOUS baby the other day and I only got slightly sad that I wouldn’t be doing that again with one of my own 🙂


Member of the Wedding August 14, 2010

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No I am not attending another wedding.  I just finished reading Member of the Wedding, written in 1946 by Carson McCullers, a Southern writer.   It is about a 12 year old girl named Frankie Addams who feels alone and ready for the next stage of life- ready to be part of something to which she can belong. It takes place over a few short days, but the story packs in the signigicant change that takes place as we lose our childlike look at the world and begin to see it through more mature eyes.  F Jasmine, as Frankie now wants to be called, learns that her brother is to be married.  Despite warnings and corrections by her nanny, F. Jasmine naively believes that she will be in their wedding and then leave with them for their honeymoon and continue to live with them.  Finally, she will belong somewhere.  One of my favorite quotes is when Frankie is trying to describe the fulfillment she will get from belonging with her brother and his new wife and she says that her brother and his fiancee, “are the we of me.”  What a powerful quote that reflects our need to belong.  Frankie lives with her widower, reserved father and has a nanny and a six year old cousin.  She has few people in her life, and it is heartbreaking when she realizes the truth about how weddings work. 

I love being able to read such a well-written story that you ache for the character as you wait for her to discover what you already know.  Isn’t that how life is sometimes? You have to watch someone discover painful truths for himself or herself.  You know it will be heartbreaking, but all part of growing up.  I do not look forward to those experiences that will surely come with my own children.  But as one wise woman reminded me, if I save my children every time from hard things…they will not see their great need of a Savior.  Coach Keith, one of our coaches at the high school, puts it this way,”We either prepare the road for the child or prepare the child for the road.”


Back to school 2010 August 9, 2010

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Today we headed back to school- It was so exciting!

My 3rd grader!

My first grader!

They both have wonderful teachers and were so happy to go to school today.  Olivia gets a locker this year. We have been talking about it for a year and today was the day she got to see it.

Emma couldn’t wait to get to sit at a real desk.  She loved that she had her own set of books already.

The girls were out by 11:30.  Eric and I took them to lunch.  Emma has been asking to go to Olive Garden since her kindergarten graduation.  We ran out of time the night of graduation.  So we told them we would go on the first day of school.  Emma has been talking this up all summer.  The waiter comes to take our order- Olivia and I order spaghetti and Emma orders….Chicken fingers and fries! What? Why are we paying to eat at Olive Garden?

Turns out she loves the big bowl of salad they give you before your meal 🙂 Livy loved the bread sticks!


So thankful for a good start to the year!


today’s messes- and it’s only 10:30 am August 3, 2010

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Cord and Lucy found Olivia’s sparkley toe nail glitter.  I heard the water turn on in the upstairs bathroom- Olivia went to check upstairs and I heard,”Uh Oh”.  Cord’s legs were covered in glittery pink.  He was attempting to wash his hands.  The girls’ rug had a pile of pink glitter on it and all of their clothes sparkled! Showers for everyone…

On the way back downstairs, I noticed crayon on several walls…thank goodness for Magic Erasers.

As I cleaned, the kids played.  When I finished, they were in the hall closet playing.  I helped them clean up that area- and found a stash of old sippy cups…with milk in them.  Disgusting.

I give Lucy cheerios and milk for breakfast.  I walk to put the milk up and in the mean time, she has transferred milk and cheerios into an empty makeup container.  Milk is everywhere. 

It seems the babies have ramped up the trouble this week.  I am thankful for my big girls who help me so much!


Making messes August 2, 2010

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Having a 3 year old and 2 year old spend lots of time together inside the house as we have been doing this summer has produced LOTS of messes.  Almost every single silent moment this summer has produced lots of trouble- and messes for me to clean up.

The other day, I was even in the room with Cord and Lucy.  They were eating lunch at the kitchen table.  I had emptied Lucy’s diaper bag onto the table earlier inorder to clean out the bag.  I served the babies some nuggets, carrots, and apples.  I walked into the den and thought the happy silence was because they were eating lunch….

Oh how wrong I was! I look back in the kitchen and Cord and Lucy are wiping something all over the table.  It is like fingerpainting.  It is white and I cannot imagine what they are doing.  I run over to them and discover they are smearing Desitin all over the table.  Lucy has it on her face and in her hair.  Cord, who is currently into wearing a plastic bag as a hat (I know it is dangerous), has completely white hands.  I can’t decide what to do, so I took a picture 🙂


Ignore my messy bathroom, and notice how much Lucy looks to Cord to know what to do- uh oh!

I proceed to put them in the bath- it takes forever to get all the desitin off.  Soap just won’t cut it! I let them soak as I put the dirty clothes is the laundry basket and am pretty proud of myself for not going crazy about the mess.  I return to the tub to find TONS of bubbles.  Cord has dumped ALL the new baby soap (notice the full bottle in the picture) into the bath…grrrr.

When I asked him, “WHY?”  He said,”I just like making messes!”  Yea, I can tell…


Grainger clan

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