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Making messes August 2, 2010

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Having a 3 year old and 2 year old spend lots of time together inside the house as we have been doing this summer has produced LOTS of messes.  Almost every single silent moment this summer has produced lots of trouble- and messes for me to clean up.

The other day, I was even in the room with Cord and Lucy.  They were eating lunch at the kitchen table.  I had emptied Lucy’s diaper bag onto the table earlier inorder to clean out the bag.  I served the babies some nuggets, carrots, and apples.  I walked into the den and thought the happy silence was because they were eating lunch….

Oh how wrong I was! I look back in the kitchen and Cord and Lucy are wiping something all over the table.  It is like fingerpainting.  It is white and I cannot imagine what they are doing.  I run over to them and discover they are smearing Desitin all over the table.  Lucy has it on her face and in her hair.  Cord, who is currently into wearing a plastic bag as a hat (I know it is dangerous), has completely white hands.  I can’t decide what to do, so I took a picture 🙂


Ignore my messy bathroom, and notice how much Lucy looks to Cord to know what to do- uh oh!

I proceed to put them in the bath- it takes forever to get all the desitin off.  Soap just won’t cut it! I let them soak as I put the dirty clothes is the laundry basket and am pretty proud of myself for not going crazy about the mess.  I return to the tub to find TONS of bubbles.  Cord has dumped ALL the new baby soap (notice the full bottle in the picture) into the bath…grrrr.

When I asked him, “WHY?”  He said,”I just like making messes!”  Yea, I can tell…


2 Responses to “Making messes”

  1. Becky Says:

    THANK YOU for sharing this.
    Yesterday one kid stood on the trashcan as a stool – it was on it’s side and bent in two. THEN same kid reached up, poked her finger through the material of these flowers hanging on her sister’s wall and ripped them open. All I could say (at first) was “WHY??”

  2. Mary Says:

    Calgon take me away! Oh, Susan this too shall pass. But thanks for the entertainment today. Miss you guys so much.

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