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Back to school 2010 August 9, 2010

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Today we headed back to school- It was so exciting!

My 3rd grader!

My first grader!

They both have wonderful teachers and were so happy to go to school today.  Olivia gets a locker this year. We have been talking about it for a year and today was the day she got to see it.

Emma couldn’t wait to get to sit at a real desk.  She loved that she had her own set of books already.

The girls were out by 11:30.  Eric and I took them to lunch.  Emma has been asking to go to Olive Garden since her kindergarten graduation.  We ran out of time the night of graduation.  So we told them we would go on the first day of school.  Emma has been talking this up all summer.  The waiter comes to take our order- Olivia and I order spaghetti and Emma orders….Chicken fingers and fries! What? Why are we paying to eat at Olive Garden?

Turns out she loves the big bowl of salad they give you before your meal 🙂 Livy loved the bread sticks!


So thankful for a good start to the year!


4 Responses to “Back to school 2010”

  1. Dot Zellner Says:

    What a fun day. Hate that school started so early in this heat but know seeing friends is well worth it. Then lunch out was an added treat.

  2. Dot Zellner Says:

    It is such a blessing to know what is going on in your life.

  3. Sallye Grainger Says:

    I hope you have a fun year!!
    Love you bunches

  4. Dad Says:

    I hope you girls have a great school year.

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