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Walking for Choose Life September 14, 2010

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Our church invited Choose Life (  to share about their ministry during evening worship.  To prepare for them coming, the girls and I had to have a talk about what their ministry does and how they help save lives and support ladies.  The girls asked lots of questions and by the end of the conversation, all three of us were crying.  Having to answer the girls’ questions was literally watching innocent eyes become open to a harsh world.  Because our children believe life begins in the womb and have loved Psalm 139, the horror was overwhelming when they talked through this issue.  They have seen ultrasounds of Cord and Lucy and they know the heartbeats were strong even before week 12.   Why would this be a choice and why would America allow abortion to be legal? 

At the evening service, the Choose Life representative shared the statistics for North Alabama and she clearly showed that when ladies received an ultrasound, they were moved by the life they saw and over 90% elect to keep their children.  Choose Life comes alongside with parenting classes, donations, grief recovery for those touched by abortion, abstinence education, and counseling.  Our youth group has supported them and ladies from our church work there.  A lady in our church began this ministry out of her home with her phone serving as a crisis pregnancy hotline and service. 


Choose Life is having a fundraising walk this Saturday morning.  The organization is funded 100% by donation and has a volunteer staff.  Our girls immediately asked if they could walk.  Eric and I are sponsoring them (and I am walking with them).  Our pastor’s wife is sponsoring them- she is a true encourager to my girls and I appreciate her so much.  The above picture is the flyer for their walk and to get more information about it, click on their website.


2 Responses to “Walking for Choose Life”

  1. Dot Zellner Says:

    I want to support their walk. Just read Karen Kingsbury’s book Shades of Blue while in Fla. It is so great. She wants to put a book in every middle and high school in the country.

  2. susan Says:

    thank you Dot Dot! They will be so happy. It was a great experience. It started with the staff sharing a devotion out of Isaiah. And then the 2 mile walk began. Such a precious thing to see God’s people walking together (across denominations) to support and value every life at every stage.

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