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Surgery October 14, 2010

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My step sister, Julie Kitchings Shaw, is in a very important surgery at this very moment.  Her facebook status described it this way:

My surgery is at 8:30am tmw. It will last for 4-6 hrs. I will be on a cardiac bypass and liver bypass machine. The Dr. will give my liver heated chemo for 60-90 min. and install a HAI pump. I will be VERY uncomfortable for 4 wks. I will be in ICU for 2 days and he may keep me in the hospital for 14 days. I KNOW that God has sent me to him for a reason. He has given me HOPE! God is wonderful! 

Thinking of my last post- a believer looks at difficulties and is not afraid because she hopes in an UNSHAKEABLE God who never fails us. I ask you to join me today in praying for her, her surgery, her recovery, and all the details that are part of such a big procedure.


      Julie’s surgery went fine today. They were able to insert the chemotherapy pump into her liver. She did not have the second part of the procedure which would have put her on the liver bypass machine. The doctors want to postpone this. She is recovering and still needs all of our prayers. I have not spoken with her or Tim. This is secondhand info from her daddy.

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