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Big Boy Bed October 16, 2010

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Cord is moving on up…and in.. to a big boy bed.  Some dear friends of ours didn’t need a toddler bed that they had purchased.  They called and offered it to us. I have been in a delimma about what to do concerning Cord’s bed.  Should I keep him in his crib? He is happily sleeping and napping every day.  Should I move him to a toddler bed so he can get up and go to the bathroom on his own and complete his potty training?  His room is small and works better with a small bed.   Should I just jump to a twin bed and skip the toddler altogether?

I would go in that mental circle each time and arrive back at just staying where we are.  Then the Nicols called and spurred us on to a decision by giving us this precious toddler bed!

He loves it! We took his bed down and gave it to Lucy and we are selling our white crib.  I am so happy to be getting one crib out of the house!

 We had a little party in his room after his new bed was set up.

So far, he has slept just the same as he did in his crib.  YEA!!


One Response to “Big Boy Bed”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    So is Lucy the end!

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