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Homecoming at WCA October 18, 2010

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Our school is on a roll right now.  The football team is doing so well and is enjoying win after win.  The excitement is everywhere and it really showed up during Homecoming last week.  I am sure the high schoolers had fun, but since I have elementary age, it was so fun to see them get excited too!

Before school on the day of the game, the girls got their faces painted by the cheerleaders.

So many kids had on their red, white and black.

Sweet Ellie shared hair ribbons with my girls so that they could all match!

I got to eat with Emma up at school that afternoon.


And to top it off, ALL of the elementary was invited to the high school pep rally.  I stayed home with the babies, but my girls were talking about it the rest of the weekend.  The game was great and the Wildcats are still winning.  They just made the playoffs and get to have a home field advantage.   So proud of the team’s hard work and the coaches we have.


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