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The 5 solas October 27, 2010

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Our church is hosting a Reformation Festival on Saturday.  On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the church in Wittenburg, Germany and the Protestant Reformation was born.  The five solas are five Latin phrases that emerged during the Protestant Reformation and summarize the Reformers’ basic theological beliefs. 

Sola Scriptura–  by Scripture alone

Sola Fide– by Faith alone

Sola Gratia– by Grace alone

Solus Christus– Through Christ alone

Soli Deo Gloria– Glory to God Alone

These 5 statements are the basis of our faith and they are what we rest in for our salvation.  It is not by works, not by our effort, not by our suffering, not by our merit.  It is by Christ’s perfect life of obedience, by his sacrificial death on the cross, and by his resurrection that we are saved.  It is for His glory and not our own and we find His truth in Scripture alone.  His word cannot be added to or taken away from.  He has given us all we need in His word.  How thankful I am for these truths.  If you would like a more detailed reading about the 5 solas, James Montgomery Boice describes them more fully here.


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