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Rolling Toomer’s Corner November 7, 2010

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After a victory, Auburn fans leave the stadium and head to Toomer’s Corner~the intersection of Magnolia and College Street which marks the entrance to Auburn’s campus. We have never been able to take the kids to the large oak trees to “Roll Toomers”.  We made it yesterday after the Homecoming game and had a great time. 

I ended up watching Cord in all the chaos.  He was VERY excited and ran around all over the place.  I would lose him and then catch him rolling in the toilet paper…

He finally found a roll of toilet paper and got to work.


Instead of throwing it in the trees, he unraveled the whole roll and ran with it behind him. 

 Not quite catching the tradition…Let’s hope he doesn’t reenact this at home!


2 Responses to “Rolling Toomer’s Corner”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    My son was a fourth grader when we were returning to Auburn after spending Thanksgiving in North Alabama visiting extended family. All children were lying down in the back of our little Nissan station wagon and I thought they were all asleep. We were stopped at the Toomer’s corner traffic light , when I hear his voice asking, “We are home in Auburn aren’t we?” I look in the rearview mirror and no one is sitting up. “Yes, we are, I replied, “but, how did you know?” His answer, “I can see toilet paper in the trees, so I know we are at Toomer’s corner.”

  2. zellner Says:

    Cynthia~ such a fun memory!

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