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early christmas morning December 25, 2010

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¬†I snapped this early in the morning…sigh…so peaceful ūüôā


Snow. Snow. Snow

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It is a White Christmas around here.  It was snowing when we woke up and there are inches of snow on the ground.


Not only do we have wrapping paper everywhere, we also have wet gloves, boots, and jackets all over ūüôā


A Savior, who is Christ the Lord December 24, 2010

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“Since the fall of Eden, every member of the human race stands before God as a covenant breaker, a rebel… If there is to be any hope for such covenant breakers, (it) must come from outside… Indeed, help must come from God.”

Our redemption is through the provisions of our covenant keeping triune God who in his infinite love has provided salvation for helpless rebels.

‚Äé”That redemption centers on a person, one who can stand in the middle, to bring God and (rebels) together, one who is rightly therefore called “Mediator.” “The depth of the divine love is demonstrated in the fact that God did not send someone else to act as Mediator: no one else could have fulfilled the role. He came himself, in the person of his Son…(called Immanuel, ‘God with us’, by earlier writers)” David McKay in¬†The Bond of Love

Merry Christmas to your family.  Grace and Peace to you through our Lord Jesus Christ.



12 years December 21, 2010

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Happy Anniversary!


talking santa’s ear off December 19, 2010

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Lucy had a visit from Santa.¬† He came to her school.¬† He must have been very nice, and the ladies must have been very encouraging.¬† She actually climbed up in his lap and asked him all kinds of questions.¬† “Why aren’t you at the North Pole?”¬† “Where are your elves?” “How come you are here?”¬† He patiently answered them all.¬† And the ladies thoughtfully shared a picture with me.

That is one sweet Santa!


singing and dancing December 14, 2010

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It’s¬†time for programs and visitor’s weeks:

       dance classes for Olivia

  and for Emma

 Singing at the Christmas program at school


It was so fun to see what the teachers have taught our children-both at dance and at school.  And I love seeing all their friends perform as well.  A joyful time to celebrate hard work.


Christmas cookies December 13, 2010

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Several years ago, my sweet sister gave my girls cookie cutters that represent the Nativity scene.  We pulled them out again this past week and made our sugar cookies for the season.

¬† Mary, a sheep, a star and a donkey…

We baked them on Saturday and then iced them on Sunday.¬† Now I am back to a familiar theme… I tried to make some icing from a recipe I found and of course, it came out terrible.¬† We added food coloring and went with it, but it was¬† really too thick and too sweet.

¬†Thankfully I left many without icing.¬† A couple of days later, we hosted the youth group for a dessert and caroling party.¬† One of the moms threw together some incredibly yummy icing and we decorated the rest of them.¬† I am hoping that as the children pick one for snack each day, they will remember what part that “character” played in the story of our Savior.