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Happy Birthday Eric December 4, 2010

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This guy had a birthday today.  It was a great day- we played at Southerland Station, a local toy store in town that puts on an amazing Christmas party every year.  Trains, legos, crafts, balloon animals, free popcorn and Sprite 🙂 The kids were loving it.  We had an AUBURN party for Eric since our Tigers were playing in the SEC Championship game today. We made reese’s cup brownies and watched the game.  The kids made their own crafts for daddy. 

I am a very blessed lady.  Eric is such a gift to me.  He is a father who is dedicated to loving his children well, a pastor who loves his church and God’s word, a husband who focuses on his wife and is committed to making our marriage better and better.  I have known him a long time and have always been impressed by his character and his heart. 


And to top it all off, as the kids were singing happy birthday to him at half time, he looked at each one and said,”There is no other place I would rather be today than right here.” That’s his heart.  Now Glendale in January would be fine to be at 🙂


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