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Christmas cookies December 13, 2010

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Several years ago, my sweet sister gave my girls cookie cutters that represent the Nativity scene.  We pulled them out again this past week and made our sugar cookies for the season.

  Mary, a sheep, a star and a donkey…

We baked them on Saturday and then iced them on Sunday.  Now I am back to a familiar theme… I tried to make some icing from a recipe I found and of course, it came out terrible.  We added food coloring and went with it, but it was  really too thick and too sweet.

 Thankfully I left many without icing.  A couple of days later, we hosted the youth group for a dessert and caroling party.  One of the moms threw together some incredibly yummy icing and we decorated the rest of them.  I am hoping that as the children pick one for snack each day, they will remember what part that “character” played in the story of our Savior.


2 Responses to “Christmas cookies”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Hey, do you know where your sister got cookie cutters that represent the Nativity scene? I am continuing our tradition of baking Christmas cookies with the grandkids, the next generation, and would like to use those next year. It is a little too much for this year!

  2. zellner Says:

    I will ask her 🙂

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