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Snow. Snow. Snow December 25, 2010

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It is a White Christmas around here.  It was snowing when we woke up and there are inches of snow on the ground.


Not only do we have wrapping paper everywhere, we also have wet gloves, boots, and jackets all over 🙂


4 Responses to “Snow. Snow. Snow”

  1. Matt Grainger Says:

    I love the snow shoes!!

  2. zellner Says:

    dot dot used to make eric do that to keep his shoes dry- she and eric got them ready to go and it worked great 🙂 thanks dot dot!

  3. Matt Grainger Says:

    We did that as well and we even put sock on our hands to keep them warm.

  4. heather Says:

    Matt did the same thing this year. It was so cute to see a grown man with bags on his feet 🙂 Kidding!
    Great pictures. Love the one of Olivia and Lucy. Looks like Olivia is really looking out for the little ones!

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