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New toys- time to jump in January 1, 2011

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We are blessed with the sweetest family on both sides.  Each day of our holiday was spent with some of our favorite people. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law hosted us before Christmas. Eric’s parents came from Christmas Eve to the 26th.  They got snowed in so we got to keep them longer! We stayed with my mom for 2 nights after that and got to see my sister and niece. We ate dinner with my dad and Marian and my grandmother.  Each visit was so good and filled with fun and PRESENTS! My goodness the wonderful presents we were given.

We definitely had an AUBURN theme going this year and we all LOVED it!

  My sister gave Cord an entire Auburn football uniform-pants, helmet, and 2 jerseys (one Cam Newton and one Bo Jackson).  Too fun.  He wore it all day the day he opened it and all the next one too.

My mom gave the girls canopies.  We hung them yesterday.


Emma said,” It feels enchanted. What’s enchanted mean?” 🙂

Dot dot and Cdub gave the kiddos a really cool puppet show.  It can be folded up and stored so easily.  It makes a fun playhouse and lemonade stand too!


My dad gave Emma a blizzard maker.  We broke it out yesterday morning and made treats for the kids. It was easy to do (except for the 10 minutes of turning they had to do.  They thought that was tough!)


There are so many more wonderful things- this is all I had time to do yesterday.  We took Christmas decorations down and stopped to play with somethig new every once in a while.  Thank you sweet family!!


One Response to “New toys- time to jump in”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    So sorry we did not get to visit during Christmas.
    Maybe soon.
    Love ya,

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