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Jackets everyone February 27, 2011

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Emma had her 7th birthday Saturday.  She is always one to come up with an idea and want to see it fully developed just as she imagined it.  This year she wanted to have a jacket party.  I ask her to tell me what that means. She tells me that everyone will come in their jackets and we can have a jacket cake and do things with our jackets and do crafts about jackets (since her birthday is in February).  I have a good friend who is a marvelous cake maker and decorator and she did a great job making a pink and green jacket cake.

She loved it.  And so did all my family.  It was delicious 🙂  On to activities… We made two relay teams and did several races.  In the first one, they had to run and put their jacket on and run back, tag the next person and that person would run and put on her jacket and then run back.  The second race had them run down and turn all the coats inside out and then run down and turn them right side out.

Next I gave each team 2 rolls of toilet paper and asked them to create a jacket on a “willing” model.  Turns out the willing models were eric and my dad 🙂

They decorated Joseph’s coat of many colors and then opened presents.  After the cake and ice cream, they played and played outside. It was a beautiful day and I am so thankful that my family could be here to participate too. I would have NO pictures without Marion’s camera and her help.  I am so thankful for that!

Happy Birthday sweet Emma- you are spunky, delightful, funny, tenderhearted, and full of life.


Scenes from our “breakfast” February 15, 2011

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The mailboxes full of notes and a table full of our favorite breakfast foods.

A table full of flowers and two pouty faces (just because they like to make that face!)

We read our slips of paper to one another and some of my favorites were:

When we read what Lucy loved about each one of us, we noticed all hers said “Hugging”.  Apparently, she is thankful for 5 people in her life who are willing to hug her all the time every day.  She also added “That you give me medicine” to Eric’s paper.  Again, obviously he is the one who makes sure they take their medicine- I would probably cave and say they didn’t have to.

Cord told Emma he loved how much she “helps me and helps me and helps me and helps me”  and he was really thankful for daddy helping him get in his gator.

This year olivia and emma wrote theirs on their own! It was so fun to hear them for the first time at the table and not have any hand in writing down what they thought.  Of course, by the time I had to read mine, I was in tears.  The children have grown so much and I am so thankful to be able to look them in the eyes and tell them what I love about each one of them.  I can see growth in their relationships, growth in their love for the Lord, and growth in their individual giftedness or personality.

The only downside of this celebration is ALL of the CARBS!!! My Goodness!! The intake of bread products has to stop!! So today is a new day and we will get back to the other food groups 🙂 Hope you had a great Valentine’s with the ones you love!


Valentine Dinner requests February 14, 2011

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Tonight we are having our Family Valentine Dinner- I took requests last night.  Since it is going to be breakfast for dinner, here is what the crew wants…

Emma wants Cookie Crisp cereal…

Cord wants cimmamon rolls…

Olivia wants deep red apple slices…

Lucy wants bapes…

Eric wants SCB’s…

This is exactly the way they said their requests. Translation: We are having Cookie crisp cereal, cinnamon rolls, apple slices, grapes, and sausage cheese balls and I am adding eggs and bacon so I feel better about the overall meal 🙂  I bought brownie pans that are heart shaped and I have tiny personal mailboxes for each child. As we always do on Valentine’s Day, we will spend some time at dinner telling one another what we love about each other.  The little slips of paper that we use to write what we love will fit perfectly in the mailboxes that they have at their place setting. My sweet husband already filled the kitchen table with flowers. Pink tulips, yellow roses, and white lilies are making me eager for Spring to be here!!  I have much to be thankful for, much to love in this house, and much to celebrate.  I am so thankful for holidays that help me focus on the blessings in life.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


Celebrating Mom and Bill February 10, 2011

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We hosted a surprise birthday party for my mom and for my stepdad last week.  Their birthdays are a little more than a week apart.  Their favorite restaurant is The Bright Star in Bessemer,AL.  It has been around since 1904 and is well known in Birmingham for its good food and atmosphere.  Mom thought we were having a party for Bill and Bill thought he was eating dinner with his daughter Julie and her family.  Mom, who knew that there was a party, “invited” me to join them at the last minute.  My job was to make sure the two of them were a little late to the party so that all their children could be there when we arrived.

Bill was not happy that we were late! He kept checking the clock and worrying out loud that we were not going to be there in time to meet Julie.  To his credit, he was kind, but you could tell he was stressed! Julie called me while I was in the car with mom and Bill and told me to slow them down some more! I thought to myself,” He is going to kill me if I make anymore trouble and stop him from seeing his sweet daughter!”

We arrived and both mom and Bill were surprised. It took a lot of explanation to tell them the party was for both of them!

We had delicious cake from Louise’s (our favorite bakery in Birmingham).

Bill with his three children.

Sadly, my four children were all sick and missed the party. Eric stayed home with them so that I could go and see everyone. I am so thankful to have gotten to visit and to celebrate my AWESOME mom!! Bill was very happy to see his family altogether too. As many of you know, Julie is fighting cancer and she looked INCREDIBLE!! I love her genuineness and her spunk! Her children were so sweet and impressed me so much by the way they spent time with all of us and were so easygoing- really precious. Keep praying for her to be strong, to endure with hope, and to rely on God’s perfect plan for her family.