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Celebrating Mom and Bill February 10, 2011

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We hosted a surprise birthday party for my mom and for my stepdad last week.  Their birthdays are a little more than a week apart.  Their favorite restaurant is The Bright Star in Bessemer,AL.  It has been around since 1904 and is well known in Birmingham for its good food and atmosphere.  Mom thought we were having a party for Bill and Bill thought he was eating dinner with his daughter Julie and her family.  Mom, who knew that there was a party, “invited” me to join them at the last minute.  My job was to make sure the two of them were a little late to the party so that all their children could be there when we arrived.

Bill was not happy that we were late! He kept checking the clock and worrying out loud that we were not going to be there in time to meet Julie.  To his credit, he was kind, but you could tell he was stressed! Julie called me while I was in the car with mom and Bill and told me to slow them down some more! I thought to myself,” He is going to kill me if I make anymore trouble and stop him from seeing his sweet daughter!”

We arrived and both mom and Bill were surprised. It took a lot of explanation to tell them the party was for both of them!

We had delicious cake from Louise’s (our favorite bakery in Birmingham).

Bill with his three children.

Sadly, my four children were all sick and missed the party. Eric stayed home with them so that I could go and see everyone. I am so thankful to have gotten to visit and to celebrate my AWESOME mom!! Bill was very happy to see his family altogether too. As many of you know, Julie is fighting cancer and she looked INCREDIBLE!! I love her genuineness and her spunk! Her children were so sweet and impressed me so much by the way they spent time with all of us and were so easygoing- really precious. Keep praying for her to be strong, to endure with hope, and to rely on God’s perfect plan for her family.


One Response to “Celebrating Mom and Bill”

  1. Mary Says:

    Julie looks great! Happy Birthday to Alice and Bill.

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