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She’s 90! March 1, 2011

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My family has been trying to celebrate my grandmother, Babe, since her birthday on January 4th of this year.  My family was sick at Christmas and missed seeing all of our awesome cousins, aunts and uncles.  It was a bummer! But I was excited because I knew we would see them all for Babe’s birthday on January 4th.  Then Babe got sick! So her party was cancelled and we missed her.

Her children celebrated with her at her house on her big day, and the rest of us tried to figure out how to see her. The cousins decided to have a party for her, but sadly it was on a day we couldn’t go (something about Eric preaching that night, i think 🙂 ) Babe had a blast with her grandkids and really enjoyed visiting with them by herself.

Our family of six planned to see her the first weekend in February.  The kids wanted to do a dress up party (Cord wanted to wear his Batman costume and see if it scared Babe!) We bought her a tiara and a sash that said “Birthday Princess” and we were all set to see her that Saturday afternoon.  Friday, ALL my children got sick again and in a different way than at Christmas. I sadly called Babe and told her it would just be me coming down and seeing her, but that we would reschedule.

Well, this weekend it happened! She came to Emma’s jacket party and stayed through dinner.  My dad and Marion made all the food and half of the kids dressed up.  I still feel like we were a little thwarted from fully celebrating just her, but I am so glad that we got to be with her and sing to her and spend the day together.

Emma was dressed as a cowgirl and Lucy dressed as Wonder Woman.

Babe and the great grandkids.

Happy Birthday Babe! I always appreciate our conversations, I love our visits, and I am so thankful for our many memories.  I hope I have half the spunk and energy she has when I am 90.


3 Responses to “She’s 90!”

  1. Dad Says:

    It was a great day to celebrate the young and the young at heart birthday. We had a wonderful day with you and your family.
    Love you Dad

  2. Sallye Grainger Says:

    What a true blessing You, Eric and the children are to our family.
    Love you all bunches

  3. Mary Says:

    In true Grainger family fashion….we like to celebrate forever. Babe had a great time with you and your sweet family.

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