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Paci-less March 10, 2011

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The Zellner household is Paci-Less for the first time in almost 9 years.  Lucy loved her paci very much.  She asked for it when she went to bed, when she got sad, when she was tired, and when she was in the car. That doesn’t mean she always got it all those times, but it was definitely part of her vocabulary every single day.

Two days ago, she got in big trouble. She and Cord had been sent upstairs because I was helping Olivia with her homework and they were causing all kinds of trouble. I called out periodically to ask what they were doing and they told me they were playing trains in Cord’s room. I reminded them they could not go in the girls’ room and they both said “OK!”

Ten minutes later Cord came down to wash his hands and I asked why.  He said something about pouring “Blue in the bowl in the girls’ room.”  I ran upstairs to find Lucy washing her hands. I asked her if she had been in the girls’ room and she said no/ I asked her again if she made any messes in the girls’ room and she said no again.  I went in the room to find GLUE all over the rug, furniture, and wall as well as in a bowl. Cord must have been saying”Glue in the bowl”

She was put in her crib, and Cord was put in his bed too.  I hear her in the hallway and put her back in her bed. I check on Cord and hear her in the hallway again.  She was put back in bed.  Cord, thankfully, admitted his sin and took his consequence and said he was sorry.  Lucy was a handful! She continued to get out of bed- In the process I took away her pacis and told her they would be thrown away for good if she kept it up.  She kept it up- eleven times in all! Finally, she stayed in her bed and said she was sorry.  She understood why she had to throw away her pacis and she was tenderhearted.

But now we are living paci-less.  It was going to happen before her 3rd birthday in June anyway.  All the other children lost theirs or broke theirs in some way. Lucy has faithfully kept hers and so we were already brainstorming the best way to get rid of it.  We’ve made it two nights and three naps.  She still asks for it, but we have not had massive fits or anything.

Another season of life over. On to the next!



5 Responses to “Paci-less”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    The sun will come out tomorrow and it will be a bright and glorious day!
    Love you all

  2. Brooke G. Says:

    Hey Susan,

    I just wanted to say how much I LOVE reading all the stories about the Zellner family!! It always puts a smile on my face..Such a great family!!

  3. zellner Says:

    brooke- you are sweet 🙂 One day I will look back and think,”This is what we did back then.” because I know I can’t remember anything! I love that your name says Brooke G. 🙂 Miss you!

  4. I am impressed both by your following through on your consequences (something we are really working on in the Solomon household) and your getting rid of the beloved paci! Noah is 3 1/2 and because I know for sure that the end of the paci will also be the end of the nap, I cannot find the strength to make him give it up. I’m thinking I may be more motivated this summer when there are more fun things to keep everybody occupied but I don’t know – I love that naptime!! Way to go!

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