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Nashville for a break March 16, 2011

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My sweet in-laws let us stay in their house over Spring Break.  We searched out the best way to take 6 people on Spring Break in Nashville and headed up I-65.  We arrived on Monday night, so we planned to eat out somewhere that the kids would love. Our original plan was to eat at the Rainforest Cafe or the Aquarium restaurant at Opry Mills.  Thanks to a phone call from Eric’s mom, we found out Opry Mills is still not up and running from the flood last year.  So we headed to Joe’s Crab Shack in downtown Nashville. It was a great atmosphere for a big family. Lucy loved the music and kept saying,”Party, party, party!” We ordered a fun dessert for the kids.

Rice krispy treats shaped like a crab that you can “Paint” with chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and sprinkles.

The next day we headed to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro, TN.  We have a family membership to the Early Works museum in Huntsville.  This is a reciprocal museum, so it was FREE! We drove up and it looked small. I thought we would have a couple of hours at the most.  We ended up spending 4 hours there. The kids loved it. There was so much to do- hands on, creative, interesting things- in a manageable space.

The had a real fire truck you could climb all over, a farmer’s market from which you could gather vegetables in your basket and use the conveyor belt to unload them, a water play area, a giant slide, a creative arts area, a toddler area, a train room, a robotics area, and tons of other stuff.  We did a lot of digging in the construction area and worked on lots of cars in the mechanics area. We ate lunch out and then returned for a little more playtime.  Then we headed out to see our awesome family in Lebanon, TN.

Kurt, my brother-in-law, had a birthday recently, so we celebrated with him and played with my niece and nephew. It was very LOUD and very fun.  I am always encouraged by Kurt and Leslie. They are hospitable, easy going, and so much fun! On top of it all, they are both good organizers.  Leslie even agreed to return to my home (she did this for me a couple of years ago too) and organize some of my most frustrating areas in our house. She is very gifted at it and swears she gets a high from helping others in this way.  Thank goodness someone does.  We need her!!


2 Responses to “Nashville for a break”

  1. eric Says:

    Dear Sus, We need to quit giving Olivia benadryl!
    Love you,

  2. zellner Says:

    are you saying our sweet little girl looks drugged? 🙂

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