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Resurrection Eggs April 12, 2011

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We have begun our Easter preparation again this year.  So far we have done the first two eggs.  The first  highlights the gospel promise in Genesis 3:15 that a seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent. The second reminds us that Abraham was asked to take Isaac up as an offering but he fully believed that God would provide for them and God does- a ram in the thicket that would be a substitute for Isaac.

This year our girls can read the scripture on their own in their own bibles.  It is so fun to see them look up the passages and follow along with us.  We are still having to corral the youngest two.  Cord got stuck last night on the Genesis 3:15 promise and asked us over and over would it hurt the serpent when he got crushed by the big guy.  I drew out pictures to explain and he listened all the way through and then asked the same question, almost to say to me,”Yea, now can we get back to my question!” I thought I was answering his question 🙂

We ate outside on our back porch and it was so nice.  Spring makes me feel better- outside, sunlight , great weather.  I am looking forward to lots of playdates outside and walks with the family.


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