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birthday fun April 20, 2011

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If you asked me what I love doing on my birthday, I would tell you time with my friends, a date with my husband, spending time with my kiddos, seeing my family, and time to myself. Can you do all that in one day? I ended up doing all those things in two days and it was wonderful!

Time with friends: I had a fun surprise party with the girls in my Sunday school class. My co-teacher brought pink cupcakes and gave me the best gift, Diet Coke 🙂 My Tuesday biblestudy had desserts that morning and sang happy birthday (many thanks to Julie and Jason for pulling that off!)  And a dear friend had over a few ladies that same day and had a surprise lunch for me.  We ate delicious girl food on china and talked about matters of the heart while her children played with all of ours and kept them entertained.  It was a JOY to say the least.

A date with my husband: That same night I was able to eat out with Eric. The weather was beautiful and we walked all around an outdoor mall for awhile. We loved every minute and it made me so thankful to love being on a date with him as much this year as I did 13 years ago.

Spending time with my kiddos and seeing my family: Monday night I had a party with my own children and my mom. She took us all to Jason’s Deli and we ate cake bites and had a great time. Emma surprised me with a beautiful ring and Olivia bought me fun pens that are in all sorts of colors. Both girls used their own money that they still had from Christmas. It was the first time the girls have ever bought a gift for me from their own resources. It was such a sweet time.

Time to myself: Mom gave me many hours to do errands on Monday. It was so nice to shop without little ones all around. thanks mom!!

I know everyone has a birthday. There really is nothing special about having one- it is just amazing that so many did so much to make mine special. I was very thankful and very humbled.


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