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Happy Easter 2011 April 25, 2011

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We had a very blessed Easter today- church family and our family made today so sweet.  This week I have been completely washed in blessings from our Lord.  We have walked through our Easter preparation together. I really appreciated our church services this year as we marked with our children what we had been studying at home.  Because it was also my birthday week, I saw so many of my favorite people.  Today was extra-special because we were able to go to Birmingham after church and see my family.  It had been waaaaay too long and we had all missed them terribly!.

There were many egg hunts, lots of laughter, great food, and catching-up conversations.  If you know us, we stay late and today was no exception.  You just can’t leave that many good people.  Our kids had a blast and were blessed in so many ways.  I know it is a lot of work for my aunts to pull off dinner for our large group.  I am so thankful for the effort and fun they provide.  Wish everyone had a group of people in their lives like this group.


Brent is sharing jellybeans with Cord- you know, giving him the ones that “taste good” 🙂 And Lucy is enjoying her find from the juice box hunt!


My aunt had the cutest gift boxes as treats for the kiddos- they had little gifts, as well as bubbles and SILLY STRING. Uh OH.

Matt took a hit and my Uncle Mike! Yikes.  The kids chased everyone.  No one was safe 🙂



Anna, my niece, arrived and we were so happy to have someone to run around with!  This is the crew getting ready for their easter egg hunt beer hunt. They look more excited than my kids did for the juice box hunt 🙂

  The  winners with all their “baskets” filled 🙂

I am so thankful that Brent and Holley are having a little one soon so that I get to see all of them again at her shower!


2 Responses to “Happy Easter 2011”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    I was listening to the radio this week and they were talking about Easter. The true meaning of Easter is the gift we were given by God and The love he had for us by giving his only Son. But, Easter also gives us that special day to spend with family and enjoy the love we have for each other.
    Thank you you for sharing your day with us in Birmingham and yes, it has been way to long.
    Love you all,

  2. Mary Says:

    In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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