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the tornadoes of Apr 27th May 4, 2011

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We feel very blessed to have survived all of the tornadoes that hit Huntsville on April 27th, 2011. After a delayed start, our children went to school at 10am.  I did a little shopping for Cord’s upcoming birthday.  I heard how bad it was going to be by the 12:00 pick up, so I unloaded the groceries and headed to the school.  The weather was starting to look terrible. I grabbed the kiddos from their elementary school and then ran to mother’s morning out to get the two small ones.  I hopped in the van and could see the wind get worse.  By the time I got to my house, garbage cans were flying.  I pressed the garage door opener and it headed up.  The door stopped half way up because the power went off.  My kids were hiding in the closet.  I realized we didn’t know any information and our power was not coming back on any time soon.  The only radio I could find was in the Barbie Jeep that was in our garage.  I have always been amazed that it can play the real radio stations, so we hauled it in to the house to listen for the rest of the day.

More storms hit that night.  We had no idea how far reaching the storms were and how destructive they had been. We were personally blessed by our family.  Eric’s brother stopped by our home and brought us gasoline and took our big girls to see my mother-in-law and father-in-law. The girls stayed for 5 days enjoying their grandparents, reading books, playing in the yard, eating great food.  My brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and father-in-law came back the next day with an amazing generator, ice, gasoline, water and more food.  I called them FEMA the rest of the day! They were so wonderful to us.

  Cord and C-dub catch up with each other and the beautiful lamp is plugged into the new generator!! The rest of the 7 days felt like high-end camping.  We ate off the grille, had good friends over, slept in our own beds.  We are very blessed.

God used this time in a sweet way for our family.  We had been having some trouble with our little ones as far as their behavior over the past couple of weeks.  Good friends had encouraged us in times like that to pull the children back to us and spend more time with them, staying consistent and keeping them out of places like nurseries and school to help them learn we are serious about their behavior.  Because our older girls were having a wonderful time in Nashville, we had the babies all to ourselves.  Eric took Cord everywhere with him- he cleaned up yards, spent tons of time with men in our church, and copied everything eric did.  Lucy spent the days helping and delivering food with me.  It was a really precious time for us and we could see big improvements in their hearts as they were not competing for our time or against their sisters for attention.

You never know how God is going to use things in your life.


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