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Cord is 4 May 5, 2011

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Our big guy turned 4 on tuesday. We got our power that day and our big girls came home from Nashville. It was so nice to have everyone home.  They were giddy to see each other!


He loves his army gear. And all vehicles that he can make up stories about.  He got a new bathing suit from his dot dot and as soon as he opened it, he put it on.  So typical of him. He has it on again this morning. We are heading to his first dentist appointment later this morning. He asked if he could wear the suit until it is time to get ready for the dentist.  Why do children love running around in their bathing suits in the house?

He makes up all kinds of words and nicknames.  Right now he calls me “mompa”.  He loves playing tigers.  I’m the momma tiger, daddy is daddy tiger and he is baby tiger. Somehow the story always goes that daddy tiger has to come rescue him from momma tiger.  What kind of therapy is he going to need later 🙂 He is always digging- in the mud. We replaced the sand in the sand box this week and it has made our yard very happy 🙂 He has loads of energy and so fun for all of us. Happy Birthday to our favorite little tiger.


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