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Day 4 of a life of a SAHM June 25, 2011

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We slept a little late on Friday morning.  My girls woke up and were ready to go downstairs in the hotel and eat some breakfast.  They stayed in their pajamas and brought their dolls downstairs too.


We went back up and woke up aunt Bethie and Anna.  After gathering all our stuff together, we headed back to Birmingham.  We knew traffic could be a problem, but we had no idea we would be stuck in traffic for an hour in Atlanta- a total stop on GA 400. The girls played with their dolls, watched a video, and ate some of the treats that were in our hotel room.  Beth and I talked and tried to keep sane 🙂 We finally started moving and drove for awhile before stopping at Chick-Fil-A for some lunch.  On our way home, I got a phone call from Eric that our son had thrown up and that he will not be able to join me for our date tonight to my high school reunion.  No fun!  We finished our trip around 3:00.  I was planning on staying at Beth’s house because she was babysitting my girls while I attended my 20th high school reunion that night.  She has always been very gracious to me and allowed me to play dress up in her closet on special occasions. It makes a special event so much more fun to get ready with her.  She encourages me, gets excited about who I will be seeing, and shares whatever I have forgotten or don’t have 🙂

Eric calls and says our sweet babysitter has offered to come anyway, hoping that Cord will not throw up again. He had napped and woken up and was feeling good.  Eric makes it to Birmingham and meets me at Zoe’s.  He gets a phone call while he is there that Cord is sick again 😦 Now we feel terrible for Cord, but more so for our sweet babysitter who was working so hard to make our night happen.  Eric heads back up I-65 to Huntsville and I go with three friends from high school.

We arrive around 7:30 and start visiting right away.  Our class has always been close and there are tons of people that I am looking forward to seeing. One friend’s husband also had to stay home, so she is my “date” for the night.  We check on each other every once in a while 🙂 I see girls that I have so many great memories with, guys that were in my class since I was in 2nd grade, and couples that make me happy to visit with and hear all about their families.  I love hearing how people are, and because of facebook, I know what their children look like or what trip they have taken recently! Too Funny!

I end up leaving around 1:30am and am very thankful for old friends. I drive home flooded with memories of great people and fun times in my life. This week has been full of special events 🙂


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