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day 5 of a life of a SAHM June 26, 2011

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I didn’t wake up until 9:45! My sweet sister was already feeding my children a yummy breakfast.  I hung out with them at the table and caught them up on who I saw at the reunion.  I heard about their night. We gathered all our things and thanked them for an AWESOME two days.  I wanted to see Grammy before we left, so we headed to her house for a quick visit. I called Eric and heard how Cord was (fine) and told him all about the reunion.  Mom played with the girls and then we got to visit too. We packed up around 11:45 and headed for Huntsville. The girls were hungry so we went through a drive through. I-65 has tons of work going on, so I headed up HWY 31 to avoid it.  I hop on the Expressway feeling pretty good about my decision, until I see my exit for I-20/59.  There is a huge back up and I am having visions of the Georgia traffic from the day before.  I make a quick decision to go the other direction on I-20/59 and I am heading toward the airport.  Not Good.  I do not know where I am or how I am going to get back in the direction that I need to go!

I call Eric who is at the grocery store with the two babies.  He is checking out and can’t answer my questions as quickly as I need him to 🙂 He tells me to head toward Atlanta and then to get off on 1st Ave North.  I would have no clue what to tell someone if they called me like I was calling him.  I hear one of the babies tell Eric that they need to go to the bathroom- now he has more problems than I do~ So I hang up and stop the car in East Lake.  I am far from the direction I need to be going.  I call my Dad- who is a walking map of Birmingham.  He answers!! And He knows what to do!!

He turns me around and talks me through downtown and gets me back up on the interstate- right after the major wreck! It was like having a GPS system in the car- Amazing!

I wish I had time to stop and say hey to him. He was at my Grandmother’s house on the side of town I was on, but Eric has a sermon to work on and I have been gone two days.  So I keep driving and arrive around 2:30.  The girls are so happy to see him. The babies are sleeping so we are able to unload the car and relax.  I start some laundry and unpack some bags.  I have a phone call that is difficult to have.  I ask the children to go outside so they can play while I protect them from what they may hear.  I always explain those kind of things as “heavy backpacks.” Even though they may want to know something, it would be too heavy for them to “carry” so I tell them I will carry it for them for now and they need to trust me to go outside and play.  I thank Corrie Ten Boom for that image that she shared in her book The Hiding Place.

Eric works and then is on set up team for church. So he comes home around 7:00.  We eat dinner, start showers for everyone and clean up from the day.  We put the kids to bed over the next hour and then have a little time to catch up ourselves. He heads to bed and I take another two hours to unwind and get ready for Sunday School the next day.


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