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So what? June 27, 2011

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I recorded a 5 day span in our life this week.  It was an unusual week for us- it included a trip with my sister and a 20 year reunion.  Those don’t happen all the time 🙂 But there was so much that was mundane.  I intentionally wrote it all just as it happened to see the plainness of it all.  Every mom I know could write some of the same paragraphs.  Why record it?

1) I think that I will forget the regular when I leave this stage.  I will remember the amazing trip to Atlanta, the fun reunion, but I will not remember the morning spent at home hanging with my kids and “doing chores” as my dad always called it.

2) There are lots of moms like me who can’t remember what we did all day.  We believe we did something, but we can’t think of what made up the hours that day.

3) The sentences read like a job description because that is what my full time job is.  I wrote about my job and my life.  Sometimes the hours are long, my co-workers are cranky and I fail at my job.  Other times I get to enjoy great perks, I have a great support staff, and I get great hugs and compliments from my co-workers ( which can’t be done in a lot of jobs 🙂 )

4) I believe that my job is an eternal investment that matters.  I believe that my children are my life long calling.  I believe that what we do during the day- whether it is learning how to do something, enjoying God’s good gifts to us, cleaning and being good stewards of what He has shared with us, or serving someone else is shaping them.  I want them to know what God says about His world and trust His truths and not the other “voices” that may come in their worlds.  That is a HUGE job description and one that takes up a ton of time during the day as we work out situations that we encounter.

5) More often than not, God has to use my failures at all these things to teach my children that we are all sinners in need of a savior. They do not have a mom who has it figured out, who executes justice perfectly, who exercises self control perfectly, who leads them by example perfectly- so we do a lot of saying we are sorry in this house. I have to do a lot of saying I am sorry in this house.  And every time I have to remind myself that this will help them trust God’s word more when they see that I am having to trust God’s word for my forgiveness and salvation too.

6) It is a privilege to be at home with my kids.  I want to remember that when I am frustrated by long days or when I am tired of teaching the same things over and over to my children. This “week in a life” may help me see my life for what it is- in black and white.

I am sure there are lots of other things this week will do for me, but these were the reasons that came to me just now.


One Response to “So what?”

  1. Dad Says:

    Beautifully written Susan. Love you, Dad

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