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Firetrucks and “Sharky” July 2, 2011

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The local library has a story time that meets on Thursdays.  Every week there is a theme and this week was learning about firemen.  We have had this on our calendar all summer!


The firetruck was waiting outside.  Cord was listening to every word the fireman and librarian said.

Lucy sat in a different spot and was a little nervous about the fireman’s friend that he brought~ the firemen’s macot, Sparky!

Sparky handed out a gift bag that had information about how to be prepared for disasters.  Lucy cried and kept saying,”I don’t want to see SHARKY!”


The kids then went outside and got to climb through the firetruck.  Cord loved it! Right after that, the firemen received a real call and had to hurry away.  Cord watched them leave and then asked,”Where is SHarky? I didn’t see him leave with the firemen.” We decided he must have hopped in the car when we weren’t looking.  Later Lucy said she loved Sharky.  Every time I said,”You mean Sparky, right?”  🙂 Next week is Pirate week!


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