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a day with daddy July 5, 2011

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My daddy, that is.  He came today and visited us.


The kids were waiting outside…counting down until my dad’s white Explorer turned the corner. After many hugs, we came inside for all 4 of them to talk at once and try to tell daddy everything they could. They all wanted to sit by him, hug him, hang on him and be in his face.  Dad brought a few things from my grandmother’s home that were given to me.  We unloaded them and looked through some old photos and laughed at me at 9 years old.

I put the babies to bed and he watched a show or two with the big girls.  He took them to the library.  I sent my library card and $20 because I knew I had a fine from videos and books that were overdue.  Turns out I owed $38!!! How in the world does this happen?!! I end up owing him $18 more.

We make some treats when they get back. I wanted to make these for the 4th but it never happened.  So we made them today.


You take mini ice cream sandwiches and roll them in blue and red sprinkles and stick a lollipop stick in them.  Freeze until ready to eat.  We left them for dessert.  When the babies woke up, we went to Lone Star for dinner.  Our family has been loving that 2 kids get free kid’s meals for every paying adult so my kids eat free with two of us paying.  Cord wanted to wear the construction hat that daddy brought from my grandparents’ house.  Lucy wanted to wear Olivia’s hat from dance and the girls wanted to wear ribbons in their hair.  So off we went and you can imagine us all squeezed in a booth eating dinner 🙂

When we got home, we enjoyed our desserts and played in the backyard until it was time for baths and for daddy to drive back to Birmingham.  The day was a treat for me and the kids.


2 Responses to “a day with daddy”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    Got to love daddy Grainger!!

  2. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    So glad you guys got to spend the day together. Cord asked me on Sunday where Po-Po was. Cord got his own day with Po-Po. I kind of like the ribbons in the hair. Love you all.

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