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Independent Day July 5, 2011

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Yes- I know it says Independent…that is what today was. Me and the kids.  We went to our pool that we joined this year.  The pool was sponsoring a family day- potluck lunch, games for the kids, and ice pops.  The girls participated in a cannon ball competition.  They made it to the finals (for their age group 🙂 ) and won free ice pops.  Then they swam on a relay team that used floats to get across the pool.  They sat out of the watermelon relay. It looked a little too hard for them.  The younger ones hung out with me at the small pool and swam for 2 hours.  Cord and Emma ran in a relay race and then we had to go.  I wish Eric had been there- he would have loved it.  It is a great community that is being built there and the memories that the kids will have are pretty close to being Mayberry-like.  I knew I wanted to go to fireworks at BridgeStreet so we headed home for a nap.

We headed out around 6:30 for the fireworks, but as we were loading the car, I could not find my purse.  I looked everywhere and tried to brainstorm when I saw it last.  I called the credit card company and nothing had been charged in days.  So I figured that I really had put it somewhere or left it at my aunt’s house.  I start to brainstorm how I am going to make it while Eric is out of town if I don’t have my wallet.  As a last second decision, I decide to look out the back door and there it was!! On the back mat!! How in the world did it get there?!! LUCY…stinker was playing and somehow put it out there.

We loaded up, very relieved, and headed to the fireworks.  I knew it would be crowded so the kids ate in the car while I parked.  As we were walking from our spot to the fireworks area, we walked through some mud and it got all over Olivia.  Thankfully we were at a mall ( and I found my wallet) so we went to Old Navy and got her some new clothes. She wore them out of the store 🙂


We waited for 40 minutes for the sun to set and the fireworks to start.  While we waited, a Portuguese family with a one year old stopped and started talking to all the kids.  The one year old kept hugging and hugging each of my children.  We laughed so much.  It made the time go so fast.  The kids did great through the loud fireworks and enjoyed all the colors and sights.  When it ended, there were tons of people heading to their cars.  We decided to stay and listen to music until it cleared.



The day was fun and busy and tiring. And a great reminder that there are moms and dads all over our country who are doing “independent days” every day of the year so that their spouse can serve our country.  Weeks like this make me even more impressed by their service to our country.


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