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almost done July 9, 2011

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eric will be coming home tomorrow.  We have run our little legs off passing the time until he gets home.  We function best with all of us here! I know lots of people have husbands who travel all the time- I know that I am capable of keeping my home and children by myself for a week- i know in the grand scheme this is not a big deal- But we like him here 🙂 My kids like that guy- I like that guy 🙂

We had an awesome visit with my family last Sunday.  They were encouraging and fun and helpful- all things I appreciated at a real low point of my week.  On the 4th of july we went to our neighborhood pool and had a great time swimming, diving and playing. Tuesday my dad came and encouraged us with his visit.  Wednesday we played at the Botanical Gardens and spent time with our church family that night. Thursday we picked blueberries and had a wonderful surprise visit from a dear friend at church. Her listening ear and motherly instincts were a huge help on another long day.  Today we went to the zoo in Birmingham.  We played for hours.  We saw tons of animal shows~ the sea lion show, the reptile show, the lion training show, and the kangaroo visit time. We played in the fountains and on the playground.  I fully expected it to rain, but it never did. We stopped by my mom’s to spend some time with her.  Again, we were hugged on and loved on and entertained!

What do I learn from this week? That my natural tendency during tough times is to pull away and to hunker down until the difficult time passes. But God continually reminds me that His people and His word are what I really need.  The people that filled this week were tangible reminders that God hears us- they were the hands and feet of His love for me.  His word is what I can cling to when other feelings try to push their way into my head.  Our feelings really do color how we experience life.  They can add so much joy to a situation,but they can also make one worse than it is.  My feelings told me to be alone this week, and yet some of the best times of the week were when I ignored that feeling and saw the people that I love so much.

I am looking forward to our sweet youth group coming back- to book study with them, to activities with them, and to long talks about what they learned on this trip.  But obviously, God had important things to teach me this week too.


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