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lemonade stand July 29, 2011

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The girls earned one of their badges on Wednesday.  They made a lemonade stand and worked it from 4-6pm.  They were hoping to hit the crowd returning from work.  They made the cookies during nap time, mixed the lemonade and made the signs. They selected the mission team that Eric just visited as the group they wanted to support.  So Olivia looked up facts about the Cherokee Indians and was prepared to share three facts about them to those who bought lemonade.

Kathy was our first customer! She was sooo sweet! She listened to the girls and was such an encourager to them.

Some of the sweet things that my children were able to see:

A boy from our church use his tooth fairy money to buy lemonade and support the missions team. (go Kyle!!)

A new couple at church stop by and donate $50!!! Talk about getting someone excited about missions- my kids were amazed! (Thank you David and Jen)

Two Orkin men (in different trucks) stop and support them.

A neighborhood family walk up to buy from them.

Our next door neighbor stop TWICE! (thanks Christian!)

A family from our church stop to encourage them and buy some goodies. (thanks McFaddens!)

Some of our youth group stop by on the way to Wednesday night youth meeting (Thanks Stegmans and Hendersons!)

A car full of teenage boys turn around and fish for money to buy some goodies.

In the end they made $115.  They are looking forward to sending it to Cherokee, NC this week.

   Dad stopped by to purchase some goodies and hear our facts!

Lucy and Cord woke up from their naps and helped us 🙂

Emma is using one of the ice packs we had out there to keep them cool.  They ate lots of popsicles and sampled some of the lemonade.  Lucy is wearing her Super Girl cape so that she can be like the big girls who are wearing their aprons.

   We ended the day in the sprinklers.  Much needed for us and the lawn!





One Response to “lemonade stand”

  1. Dad Says:

    This was a really beautiful event. The girls are very interesting and resourceful.
    Love Dad

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