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Too Precious August 13, 2011

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Just now I was cleaning the bathroom and Cord and Lucy were both in there with me (not as helpful as you would think 🙂 ) Cord noticed Eric’s razor and he said,”Daddy needs to take out all those razors. We could get hurt.”  I said,”You are right Cord.  We have to be careful with those.  You are too precious to let anything happen to you.”  Lucy and Cord are in the middle of washing their hands. Cord looks at Lucy and says,”Lucy, we are too precious.”  Lucy says,”No we’re not.”  Cord says,” Yes we are! We are precious!”

I just love these kind of conversations.


2 Responses to “Too Precious”

  1. Sallye Grainger Says:

    I love those precious children!!

  2. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    I can just see this happening and the looks on their faces. Too stinkin cute.

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