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last days August 15, 2011

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Cord and Lucy are outside right now, jumping on the trampoline.  The weather is absolutely perfect! There has been a change from steamy hot days to a cool breeze and overcast sky. They are playing circus.  I looked outside and they had put a slide, a shopping cart and a blow up bat on the trampoline with them.  I think they were just about to set up a Center Ring like the Circus has.  I made them take it all down- they weren’t very happy about that.

Monday is a huge day for us usually.  I do all our laundry that day.  We grocery shop for the majority of the week.  But today there has been an extra little time for them to play.  They chased each other all over the house.  Then, they were upstairs cooking and playing restaurant for awhile.  Somewhere along the way it must have turned into playing house.  That ended when they both came down crying about each other.  Lucy had “pretended” to spank  Cord and he “pretended” to spank her back.  We had to go over who does the spanking in this house- and when we do it- and why we do it.   After lots of “sorry”, they headed outside to play.   I don’t know what Lucy is going to do on Wednesday.  Cord will be starting 4 year old Pre K and he will be gone every morning.  She is going to miss that guy! (I am too 🙂 )


One Response to “last days”

  1. Becky Says:

    Can NOT believe that Cord is going to school. Bizarre how time flies. Miss you.

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