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PreK pickup September 1, 2011

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Every day I pick Cord up from Pre K.  It is so fun for a mom to get to welcome a child back home after being away from him for 4 hours.  He is always sitting with his buddies from class on the carpet, waiting and playing with little cars until I get there.  I am amazed at what he looks like when I arrive.  They obviously go outside and play RIGHT before pick up.  He looks terrible!! He is covered in dust.  He has sweated and then wiped his face with his dirty hands.  He’s tired and halfway between happy and grumpy. When we got home today, I had to take a picture to remind myself of his little dirty face 🙂


After a major wipe down and hand/face washing, he headed to bed.  Thankful for this little guy.


One Response to “PreK pickup”

  1. eric Says:

    That is just about the cutest dirty face I ever saw. He’s a tired looking boy too!

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