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exploring the art museum September 8, 2011

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Thanks to a wonderful art teacher at our school, our girls got to paint a picture this summer that the teacher put in a display at Huntsville’s Art Museum.  The museum has a children’s art wall and our school was being featured.  Mrs Williams is a dear friend to our family and has blessed us in numerous ways- from babysitting to cooking, from listening and encouraging to staying up all night with me TWICE for our annual youth lock in.  She spent several days with our girls teaching them techniques, letting them practice what she taught them, and then encouraging them as they did their “final” draft.  Now the final pieces are at the museum and we went on Saturday to see them.

There is a section in the art museum that is perfect for children to study concepts of art.  The kids had a blast.



We pulled them away from this amazing area and headed through a tunnel that highlighted art over time.  It started with early art and followed a timeline, displaying replicas of famous art from each period.  Olivia has always loved Egypt and there was a great section in the beginning about the contributions from Egypt.

As we wound through the area, the kids repeatedly would say,”I’ve seen that before!” The funny part was that they had seen it in an Olivia, the Pig book or on The Backyardigans or on The Little Einsteins.  🙂

Little ones were starting to lose their minds, so we hurried to the children’s area to see the girls’ work.


Wish I had discovered this place before this weekend.  I hope we get to go back soon when we have more time and less sleepiness!


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