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Big girl bed September 14, 2011

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We officially have no cribs in our house- Strange!! It has been over 9 years that a crib was up and being used.  Lucy’s room had a daybed and her crib in it previously.  We would read on the daybed and then put her in the crib. She asked and asked when she could move to the big girl bed. I would answer,”As soon as I buy some skittles.” We use skittles to reward her while she learns big things. Eric and I were both home last Thursday on his off day. (A true rarity!) So we broke down her crib and moved the daybed and officially said goodbye to our baby years 🙂

Just a little perspective on how little she is in that big bed…


One Response to “Big girl bed”

  1. Nan-Nan, Mary, Mary Agnes Says:

    Tell her to move over…Meredith will need to share that bed this weekend. Looks like there is plenty of room for both of them.

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