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Summer badges September 16, 2011

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Some of you know that our girls were working on badges this summer. They named themselves God’s Girls and created a list of things they wanted to learn or do.  I wrote about it on my blog here.  A sweet friend at church showed me where to order badges so I wouldn’t have to make them.  We’ve been waiting on them and they arrived a couple of weeks ago!

Here they are: Art, Baking, Church Service, Reading 1, and Swimming

They knew that they were earning these because they did things specifically to accomplish them.  They participated in an art day with their art teacher for the art badge. They baked their own brownies and their own mac-n-cheese for their baking award. They did their lemonade stand raising money for the missionaries in Cherokee, NC for their Church Service award. For their Reading 1 badge, they completed their summer reading for school and for their Swimming badge, they both swam a full lap down the pool without stopping.  Obviously, there was nothing out of the ordinary here.  Children learn these things all the time in every home.  I just needed a little goal for us so that I don’t forget to see where we are in some of these areas and make a way for us to grow while we had some time over the summer.

I added one badge for the girls that they did not know they were earning.

My girls did so many little things this summer that I was thankful for.  They were loving and helpful with the younger two.  They actively played with them.  They picked outfits for the little ones, tied their shoes, filled their drink cups, read to them, jumped on the trampoline with them, swam with them, played house or teacher or any other pretend scenario with them.  My load was lessened  and my heart was encouraged by their effort.  Thoughtfulness was the best word I could think of to describe their love to me and to the little two.

There are so many days that I spend being the LAW to them.  What they should do, what they can’t do, what they need to do.  I am so thankful for these badges and for getting to tell them what a blessing they are, how they are growing up, how I see God maturing them and how thankful I am for them.

I still need to make their sashes…


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